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Sure Grip Hand Controls

Sure Grip Recreational UTV Hand Controls


UTV Parts and is proud to offer hand controls for your UTV. These controls allow anyone who has an impairment restricting the use of feet or legs to enjoy the freedom riding a UTV vehicle gives you.

  We are the #1 Supplier of Sure Grip Recreational Controls in the USA.


Sure Grip Hand Controls

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 Please Note: Competent mechanical skills are required to install hand controls on your UTV. Some modifications may be required to your UTV to facilitate the installation of the hand controls. 

 The Control You Need

Sure Grip has always given its users great control of their vehicles. UTV Parts and and Sure Grip have hand controls designed specifically for smaller off-road and UTV vehicles. Unlike other hand controls, Sure Grip’s control handle is in the vertical position, which gives precision control and the ability to drive with both hands on the wheel.

The advantages of Push/Rock style hand controls is being able to keep both hands on the wheel, excellent pedal feel, and ability to gas and brake at the same time, make them the ideal hand control for off road and leisure driving.

With two hands on the wheel, drivers have the control needed when headed off the beaten path. Vehicles can be driving normally when the hand controls are not needed.