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Viper Elite Winches

Viper Elite Winches

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viper-logo.jpgThe VIPER line of winches from Moto-Alliance – the company that has rapidly become known for winches of exceptional quality at great prices with the best customer service in the industry.
Please note: We cannot guaranty that a certain winch will fit a certain make of machine because manufacturers of UTV's and the manufacturers of winches and winch mounts change specs continually. Also aftermarket equipment can alter fitment. It is the responsibility of the purchaser of the winch and/or mount to make sure that these parts will work with their particular

Viper Elite Winchesviper-elite.jpg4000lbs Viper Elite Shown


Typical Winch Kit Contents Shown

To Purchase a Winch Click Here or see listings below Note: The Universal mount plate included will only mount to a flat surface or to a "winch ready" ATV/UTV. We have many custom mount plates designed to bolt on to your ATV/UTV. Available ATV/UTV Winch Mount Plates can be found at: 

Winch Mounts Click Here

Viper Elite Winch - the Absolute TOP OF THE LINE UTV Winch!

The Viper Elite ATV/ UTV/ SxS winch is the top of the line design with whisper quiet, metal gears, easy to use AmSteel®-Blue Synthetic cable, and the ultra flexible wireless remote switch - along with all the other upgrades.

Upgraded Wireless System

  • Wireless units have a unique frequency - no interference with another wireless setup
  • Handheld switch is large enough for easy use but small enough for your pocket or stage compartment
  • Weather resistant receiver and handheld unit
  • Automatically powers OFF to conserve battery life

Weatherproof Package

  • Stainless Steel Tie Rod & Fairlead Hardware & Motor Terminals - No More Rust!
  • Paint - Weatherproof Sticker & Paint - No Peeling or Flaking
  • Switches - Easy to use Waterproof Rocker Handlebar Switch


  • 40' x 1/4" diameter AmSteel®-Blue Synthetic Cable
  • "Whisper" quiet greasing system
  • Wireless Remote Switch
  • Rocker Handlebar Switch
  • Aluminum Hawse Fairlead
  • 4T Snatch Block
  • Clevis Hook
  • Rubber Line Stopper
  • Contactor & Wiring [5 gauge (English) - 126/.4 (Metric)]
  • Waterproof Winch Cover
  • Logo Hand Saver Strap
  • All Necessary Hardware and Installation Instructions
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

AmSteel®-Blue Synthetic Cable:

  • Max load rating of 8,600 lbs
  • Colors available - Red, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow and Orange
  • Easy to use
  • 1 Year Warranty 
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